Nordlandia exists... from Bruges to Novgorod !

Speculating Capitalism against Constructive Capitalism !

Constructive Capitalism

Constructive Capitalism has a long time vision and a Social Dimension. 

Speculative Capitalism has a short time vision and no Social Dimension.

Michel ALBERT observed Constructive Capitalism in German-speaking countries, Flanders & Holland and Scandinavia... another additional proof of the existence of Nordlandia ! 

Worldwide, he also observed some Constructive Capitalism Spirit in Japan.

Michel ALBERT's book is also available in Russian.

His original book in French is available by Editions du Seuil - Collection POINTS - N°P477.

He was General Manager of French Insurance AGF and is now retired.


Another proof that NORDLANDIA EXITS comes from a Nobel Price of Economy : Joseph STIGLITZ.

See his biography at :

He simply proposed to split the EURO in 2 : One for Northern-Europe and one for South-Europe !



We go for a step ahead than splitting the utopian currency EURO in two ! We also propose that North-European lands shoud leave EU and join the EFTA. Their website is 

EFTA European Free Trade Association is already grouping Norway, Zwitserland, Lichtenstein and Iceland. This is a good example of an "Association" where each Country keeps his own Freedom !

National Freedom that is actually the reason why England has choosen for BREXIT ! 

EFTA Freedom against EU Diktats...

Iceland... where the "Banksters" are in Jail !

Being not member of the EU, Iceland had the possibility to choose their own solution against the Financial Hedge Funds Crisis ! From a deep failure of their financial situation, Iceland recovered much quicker than the EU members : they put the rotten "Banksters" in Jail instead of financing them with Tax-Payers Money as did the EU. An EU from which we know what they think about Democracy ! 

If you still doubt... This man knows the problem very well !

About "OPEN BORDERS" dogmatic... it happens NOW ! Translation : It is necessary to "MIX" European Folks with Asiatics and Blacks, in order to create a Multi-Ethnic Herd without specific qualities that will be easier to be dominated by the Elites having the Power. Said by Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi - Founding Father of the EU...

SUTHERLAND is Chief "Migrations" UNO + Director Goldman-Sachs ! This Massive Invasion happend now weekly with thousands Africans with the active collaboration of Leftist "Humanitarian" NGO's ! This is a total Social & Cultural High Treason ! A practical answer is organized by Austrian Identitarians : go to

For a dialog, collaboration or to become a local Correspondant, contact us at :

Living Proof is the North-Europea Hanseatic Revival : visit

Hanseatic Days of 2017 hapenned from 15 to 18 june in the City of KAMPEN in the Netherlands - We were there and we can say that - with the help of the Sun, it was wonderful. Have a look on our photo-reportage at - Password to download it in pdf is in Upper Case : HANSEDAYS2017KAMPEN - The next Hanseatic Days 2018 will happend in Hansestadt Rostock in North Germany - More about this next important event : Rostock is a wounderful city to combine your Hanseatic Days with holidays ! Watch video on youtube :

Navy Spirit is essential in Northern-Europe ! More on - A time to enjoy a Maritime Feast !

In order to mark our NORDLANDIC IDENTITY : We go - You can find us there with profile :

Traditions & Spirituality...

About Traditions & Spirituality, if you are interested in those particular dimensions, we suggest you to visit our separate website : 

THE book to understand our point of vue !


Cultural & Demographic Survival is much more important than "Business as Usual" ! If we would enlarge our Nordlandic collaboration, it is first in the direction of the VISEGRAD GROUP that courageously refused the quota of so-called "Refugees" imposed by the dictatorial EU !

This is a MUST read for ALL European Patriots ! Very SImilar Roots & Developments than our own World Vision. You can purchase this book by or purchase a cheap version in e-book by Amazon. The Author Daniel FRIBERG is a Swedish successful businessman - More about him on his Facebook Page.

Cultural Consciousness is also being prepared to answer to the violence of enemies ! Go

Know Thyself... Knowing your Ancestry is the base of building a strong "Back to the Roots" ! For a DNA Test about it, go

This is another additional proof that there are 2 Europes = Nordlandia & Sudlandia. The Latin adopted a Middle-East God named Jesus and imposed it as a tool to dominate their own Populations. The History repeats itself today with Islam supported by Left AND Right. Nordlandia became "Protestant" thanks to the strong Roots in their Pre-Christian Belief. It's time to "Protest" again against the growing & invading Islamism that is again supported by Left & Right Bourgeoisie... again as a tool to dominate their own Folks !